Meet The Founders

Dave Connor - B.Sc, M.Sc (Chiropractor), RGN, EMT

I graduated in general nursing in 1999 specialising in Orthopaedics. I worked predominantly in post-operative care looking after people following hip and knee replacements and shoulder surgeries.

This was my first encounter dealing with people suffering from long term pain. Most of these surgeries were down to the effects of Osteoarthritis and Trauma. It opened my eyes to the physical and psychological effects of pain and how it affects the individual.  

From this base I decided to study further and completed a 5 year Masters degree in Chiropractic. This I felt gave me greater knowledge and understanding of pain and increased my ability to help and educate people with acute and chronic conditions.

Dave Byrne - B.Sc Hons (ACL)

I graduated university with a degree in Software Engineering in 1997. I am an expert in software development and web-based technology and I have consulted for many years as Enterprise Architect for many large multinational corporations.

Triathlon was my passion throughout my younger years, at all levels including full Ironman. I have a healthy obsession with athletic performance and nutrition.

The years of long hours in a desk-job, and also intensive training and racing have made me appreciate the benefits of a proactive approach to physical injury! I am also very committed to using a plant-based diet as a way to improve human health.

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Our Vision

  • Our Vision is primarly to educate and provide our patients with specific rehab programmes, whilst supplying  the tools to carry out that specific programme
  • By providing a self management program, we hope our patients can take ownership of their pain and hopefully achieve better long term outcomes
  • We aim to educate and empower the patient so they can work alongside their medical professional to achieve better results!
  • My Pain Kit is a tool to move people away from the fear of pain and educate people to the success of self management of different injuries. Pain and rehab can be complicated but with My Pain Kit hopefully we can eliminate this confusion and deal with long term results and not just quick fixes
  • We hope to bridge the gap between the clinical treatment and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal pain
  • The single biggest reason we have seen for poor outcomes is the non-adherence to prescribed exercise/rehab programmes as outlined by medical professionals
  • Information Overload. Confusion. There is too much information online with different exercise plans and videos. We aim to bring the relevant information together for the patients in one place
  • The cost of treating pain has massively increased
  • The disability, chronicity and impact of pain is getting worse
  • To dispel common myths about pain and to bring a simple step by step plan to help patients achieve better outcomes based on treating causes, not symptoms