A Rehab Kit For Your Specific Injury

The Kit Contains An Exercise Booklet, A Brace, And Tools To Work On Your Own Injury.

Let’s Get Moving!

My Pain Kit is a better solution to help you recover from your injury

Reduce Pain, Recover Faster, Save Money On Expensive Clinic Visits!

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* This is important.
NOTHING replaces your relationship with the medical professional who is treating your condition(s). Ultimately they are in control of your health outcomes, and you must follow their advice – even if you disagree with it, or have found something different in your Pain Kit guide. Purchasing a Pain Kit doesn’t mean you will have no more appointments with your Chiropractor or Physiotherapist!
Wishing you all the best and a speedy recovery!
The Pain Kit is only meant as an aid to your treatment, as directed by your qualified medical professional. Are you frustrated with your progress? This happens a lot – you are not alone. Sometimes the instructions given by your doctor can be difficult to follow – so ask them to review the Guide inside your Pain Kit, and add/remove sections as they deem appropriate.