Are You Suffering from Pain?

4 Positive Things You Can Do Today

  1. Stay Active
    This might seem odd but doing some light exercise can help to ease your pain.
    Try a short walk or some gentle yoga.
    Just taking some short ‘stand and stretch’ breaks across the day can be helpful

  2. Stretch It Out
    Doing some light stretches while sitting at you desk or watching TV is one of the best things you can do to ease pain
    Using a foam roller to massage the tight and sore muscles can also give relief

  3. Apply Heat
    Using a heat pack or even a hot water bottle, apply heat to the painful area. Do this for approx. 20 minutes. It should help to ease your pain and reduce inflammation.

  4. Listen To Your Body
    It’s always important to listen to your body when dealing with pain. If an activity or stretch feels painful, then stop!
    If your pain persists or gets worse, be sure to speak with a healthcare professional for further guidance.

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