Golf continues to grow in popularity. According to some conservative estimates, 70 million people worldwide play golf. In this post we focus on 6 of the most common golfing injuries.

  1. Golfer’s Elbow
    From it’s name alone, you can tell this is a golf injury. It’s an overuse injury that causes pain and tenderness on the inside of the elbow. The pain might spread into the forearm and wrist.

  2. Back Pain
    Golfer’s know that a golf swing involves a lot of bending and twisting. This can lead to back pain.

  3. Wrist Injuries
    Golfing relies on good technique and poor technique can not only result in bad shots but also wrist injuries e.g. tendinitis and sprain. Hitting the ground too hard with a club or holding the club too tightly can also result in pain

  4. Shoulder Injuries
    Again good technique plays a role here, so its important to get the swing mechanics right. Poor swing mechanics can result in rotator cuff strains, tears, and tendinitis.

  5. Knee and Hip Pain
    Golfers who walk the course or carry a golf bag on their shoulders may experience joint pain.

  6. Sunburn
    4 to 5 hours on a golf course can lead to a lot of sun exposure even on a cloudy day. Be sure to bring your sunscreen!

To avoid some of these injuries try warming up properly, plenty of good stretches, drinking plenty of water, checking you have the  proper equipment and take time to study proper swing mechanics.

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