Back Pain Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Standing Desks are very popular right now. People say they benefit back pain and neck pain, and even can help you lose weight. We break down the benefits of a standing desk, and see if these claims stand up to scrutiny

Waking Up With Neck Pain (Locked or Wry Neck)

If you sleep badly, in an awkward position, you can sometimes wake up with a creak in your neck. This is known as Wry Neck, or Locked Neck. The good news it can be easily treated using some straightforward exercises, and heat therapy!

Are Massage Guns Worth Buying?

Massage guns are popular - but do they really give you the REHAB that you need to fix your injury? We break down the reality and effectiveness of buying a Massage Gun. Are they worth the money, or is there a better way to recover?

Best Beauty Treatment: Good Posture

They say "Beauty Is Only Skin Deep" - but that's certainly not true. Beauty involves your entire body! If improve your posture, you can improve your looks, and it's 100% free and easy! In This Article: What's The Most Popular Beauty Treatment? Why Good Posture Makes You More Beautiful 1....

Neck and Spine Therapy At Your Desk

Sale! Neck Pain Kit € 99.99 € 89.00 Buy Now! Learn how to reduce Neck Pain and Back Pain whilst working from home sitting for long periods at the desk In This Article: Fastest Neck Pain Relief In The Office Step 1: How To Set Up Your Desk - Ergonomically Step 2:...

Why Do Desk Jobs Cause Back Pain?

Our Back Pain and Neck Pain is getting worse as our daily use of computers / screens keeps us glued to our desks. In This Article: How Bad Is Your Sedentary Lifestyle Prolonged Sitting Causes Problems How Do We Avoid Back Pain From Sitting? What Are Movement Exercises? What Are...

Which is better for pain? Stretching or Strengthening?

Which is better for pain? Stretching or Strength Exercises?   At different stages of your injury and rehabilitation, stretching and strengthening are important. Stretching Or Strengthening - The Eternal Debate Treatment For Injuries & Strains What Does Stretching Do? Benefits Of Stretching Benefits Of Strength And Conditioning Strengthen Muscles To...