They say “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” – but that’s certainly not true. Beauty involves your entire body! If improve your posture, you can improve your looks, and it’s 100% free and easy!

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Beautiful posture for young people experiencing pain
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You can improve pretty much anything these days – but it usually costs money. Eyebrows seem to be the most important “enhancement” people make, followed by eye and lip liners. If you want to go for more radical modifications – it can get seriously expensive for implants or cosmetic-surgery!

But what about FREE beauty treatments? (excluding weight-loss)

In previous blogs I have discussed the musculoskeletal damage that poor posture may lead to. Today I’m going to discuss 3 hidden benefits of having better posture, not just from a pain or stiffness point of view.

How we sit, stand and move doesn’t necessarily cause us to have pain! However, the wrong actions and body positions can be painful if carried out over a long period of time without good techniques. In today’s sedentary work environments sitting for longer periods is the new normal. Outside of the musculoskeletal damage, poor posture has other more subtle side effects.

Good posture helps prevent spine problems and sciatica
Good Posture Speaks For Itself
Elegant girl showing great posture
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Why Good Posture Matters

1. Better Posture Means Better Mood

Your posture influences your mood and emotions and vice versa. When you’re stressed, down and sad you tend to be hunched over. When you’re standing tall with your shoulders back and head held high ,military like,your mood is better. Many yoga exercises excellent for posture. These yoga poses and stretches are great ways to counter poor posture. They teach you to breathe and open your airways whilst stretching your muscles fully.

2. It Boosts Your Confidence

How you carry yourself impacts how people perceive you. Successful people stand tall. Confident, but not Arrogant. I’m constantly exercising through stretching and strengthening. If you have poor posture, you can appear weak or not confident. Even shy. Stand up tall. Open your chest and shoulders, lengthen your neck and lift the chin. This will not only make you feel better but appear more confident and in control.

3. You Look Better

Aesthetics. You can be very attractive (and slender) but if you develop bad posture this makes you unattractive. Shoulders drooping and your gut hanging out – is not a good look. How confident do you look with your chin pulled down towards your chest, making your behind look flat. When you are slouching you look as if you don’t care about yourself or anything else for that matter. Good posture simply is more attractive, and makes you more confident.

Posture Kit
Man and woman wearing the Pain Kit upper back support brace
A Posture Corrector Is Included In Each Neck Pain Kit

Beauty Treatment That’s Worth The Money

How much better value can you get than something that is FREE, and also gives additional benefits to your health and mood?

People often miss these 3 subtle benefits of improving posture! We tend to focus on the musculoskeletal damage caused by bad posture. In my opinion these 3  effects of bad posture are huge. They play a huge role in the psychology behind better health. Missing out on social interactions or sporting routines can be detrimental in many different ways. 

I decided to write this blog to show the other effects of poor posture which is increasing in our young people. I feel if we can intervene at an earlier stage we can have better overall health outcomes not just with musculoskeletal pain but more holistically.

Make Good Posture and Beauty a way of life! If you want, you can check out our Posture Kit below – which contains an exercise booklet – so you can include these simple routines into your day, and hopefully achieve the elegant posture you want!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Do You Relieve Posture Pain?

Simply, you correct your posture. There has been a couple of recent studies that say “pain isn’t related to posture” but try telling that to someone who has been sitting and standing with poor posture and has developed severe pain as a result. Posture matters, so if yours needs correcting consider:

  • Bracing / Support
  • Heat Therapy
  • Massage
  • Movement
  • Stretch Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Cold Therapy
Does A Posture Corrector Work?

Wearing a posture corrector such as an upper back-brace can help your posture, but you would need to make other changes too. When you are sitting or walking you must be conscious of your posture. You can also do specific exercises designed to correct your posture, and increase the suppleness of your body, and address the imbalances:

  • Stretch Tight Muscles
  • Strengthen Weak Muscles
Would A Chiropractor Recommend A Posture Corrector

Yes, it can be useful, but only as part of an overall program of Massage, Movement, Stretch Exercises, Strength Exercises. If you are chronically stiff, you can also include Heat Therapy in there too. A posture corrector is just one of the many things required to improve your posture.

Beautiful posture for young people experiencing pain
Posture Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99
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  • EUR: € 69.99
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