What’s In My Pain Kit:

Injury Braces:

Every one of our kits contain a Support Brace for that injury!

Man and woman wearing the Pain Kit upper back support brace
Upper Back Brace
Hip Pain Cushion and Knee Separator for Sleeping
Hip Support
Gamer's Thumb Brace To Restrict Thumb Movement
Thumb Brace
Forearm Brace For Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow
Tennis / Golfer's Elbow Strap
Rigid support for wrist injury with the Carpal Tunnel Brace
Carpal Tunnel Brace
Explaining what goes into the arch support for foot pain
Plantar / Foot Support
Putting on a knee brace by bringing the straps around to fix at the front (kneecap)
Knee Brace
Attractive Female and Male modeling the back/posture brace, front and back
Lower Back / Posture Brace

Find Your Pain Kit:

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Runners and knee pain treatment pack
Knee Pain Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99
Pack for gamer's thumb pain treatment
Gamer’s Thumb Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99
Hip Pain Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99