Chronic Pain: Causes and Solutions (video)

Chronic pain is long standing pain that persists beyond the usual recovery period or occurs along with a chronic health condition. Chronic pain may be intermittent or continuous. People often suffer chronic pain in their lower back, upper back, knee, neck and even their feet (plantar fasciitis).

Hip Pain: Symptoms and Solutions (video)

Hip pain is one of the most common types of chronic pain we see in our clients. It's not surprising given that the hip joint is one of the largest weight bearing joints in the body and as such is affected by wear and tear. What is surprising is that...

Back Pain Benefits Of A Standing Desk

Standing Desks are very popular right now. People say they benefit back pain and neck pain, and even can help you lose weight. We break down the benefits of a standing desk, and see if these claims stand up to scrutiny

6 of the Most Common Golfer Injuries

With the Masters in Full Swing (!), we thought we'd take the opportunity to look at 6 of the most common injuries suffered by golfers. Would you have thought of number 6? #themasters #pgatour #livgolf #golf #golferselbow #sportsinjury

Waking Up With Neck Pain (Locked or Wry Neck)

If you sleep badly, in an awkward position, you can sometimes wake up with a creak in your neck. This is known as Wry Neck, or Locked Neck. The good news it can be easily treated using some straightforward exercises, and heat therapy!

Are Massage Guns Worth Buying?

Massage guns are popular - but do they really give you the REHAB that you need to fix your injury? We break down the reality and effectiveness of buying a Massage Gun. Are they worth the money, or is there a better way to recover?

How Do I Know Hip Pain Is Serious?

Hip Pain often starts as a mild discomfort, which goes away with some basic movement exercises. But what happens if it gets worse over time - how can you know if the condition getting serious?In This Article: Why Is Your Hip So Painful? Hip Joint Deterioration Hip Pain & Immobility...

Drug Free Pain Relief Can Be Yours

Dealing with a chronic painful condition is difficult - that's why you are here, searching for a solution. We are here to tell you that obtaining Pain Relief without drugs IS possible!In This Article: How Do You Relieve Pain? Daily Routines Helping Pain Recovery Benefits Of Walking How Much Exercise...

Osteoarthritis – Let’s Change The Narrative

There are a lot of misconceptions about Arthritis and Osteoarthritis that we are trying to address. In This Article: What's The Difference Between Arthritis And Osteoarthritis? Is Osteoarthritis Incurable? The Challenge Of Treating Osteoarthritis Bio-Psycho-Social Factors Of Arthritis Remember, When Treating Osteoarthritis Let's Change The Narrative Frequently Asked Questions Additional...

Knee Arthritis – is there any cure?

If you have been suffering with Knee Arthritis and Pain for a long time, it can seem hopeless. Let's explore what's happening and work out how to get rid of it. In This Article: What Are Signs Of Knee Arthritis? What Factors Cause Knee Arthritis? What Treating Arthritis Is Really...