What Is Posture Pain?

Pain From Bad Posture!

This guide to Bad Posture Pain is unlike the other “Pain Explained” articles in our site. Most are covering the actual pain you are suffering, but we believe that bad posture is so important, as a cause of other painful conditions, it needs an entire explanation of its own.

This is aimed at people with poor posture caused by long periods sitting at their desktop computer screens, laptop, tablets and mobile phones, contributing to the other conditions we cover:

There are a great many other benefits from having good posture:

  • You look better
  • Your bio-mechanics work better
  • You can breathe properly

Beautiful posture for young people experiencing pain
Posture Kit
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Take Control Of Your Posture

Posture Pack is designed to do this for you by focusing on a daily routine of exercise, movement, strength exercise and lifestyle choices. It will help you to manage your symptoms and continue to lead a more active and healthy pain free lifestyle.

The key to long term relief from posture related pain is early and ongoing exercise and treatment will help control and reduce symptoms. 

Why Good Posture Matters

The buzz online these days is that sitting is the new smoking. Research suggests sitting for most of your day has the same detrimental effect as smoking, and increases your risk for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Unfortunately, that’s relevant for almost all of us!

More people are sitting for longer periods of time than ever before, and our health is really suffering the negative consequences.

To avoid the effects of a lifetime of sitting, you must make a real effort to continually take care of your own posture, with a daily exercise routine built on our Pain Kit methodology:

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Posture - Instruction Booklet

Do Most People Have Bad Posture?

There is no one optimal posture, and no one optimal solution to bad posture. In a lot of cases, bad posture does not cause pain on it’s own, because everyone’s posture is unique. Differences in posture are a fact of life.

Our Posture can often be influenced by our moods or even our beliefs. Emotions, thoughts  and body image perception can influence posture – particularly in young people! Some postures are a protective strategy and may reflect concerns about body shyness. Understanding these mechanisms can be useful, so sometimes an emotional wellbeing and/or holistic strategy can work wonders on posture!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Best Posture?

No one-size fits all, but you should be sitting or standing up as straight as possible, with your shoulders back. Take some deep breaths and feel your chest expand. Keep your neck aligned with your back and don’t stoop forward!

How To Improve My Posture?

If you concentrate on your posture, you will improve it. This can be difficult, and we easily slip into bad habits, particularly while driving or sitting at the desk in work. You could try getting an upper-back-brace which will keep your shoulders back.

Will Good Posture Help My Back Pain?

Having good posture if one of the important elements to not developing back pain in the first place. While it may not solve your back pain once it’s occurred, it will surely help.

Will A Standing Desk Help My Posture?

Yes, a standing desk can help your posture because it’s more difficult to “slump” while standing. You could of course just sit with good posture instead – you don’t have to be standing. Take a look at how you’re sitting at your desk or in the car.