What Is Neck Pain?

Neck Pain is obviously the sensation of discomfort in your neck. There are multiple causes listed below. A wide range of very important structures pass through your neck, not least extensive nerve, circulation, muscle and bone systems, so there can be a myriad of potential issues you need to avoid.

Estimates say that 70% of the general population will develop neck issues at some stage throughout their lifespan. The health costs of this painful condition are massive – globally, it is one of the top two reasons for disability (back pain is the other!).

Poor posture will progressively strain your neck muscles over a long period – so please try to correct this during your working day!

Neck pain is rarely a symptom of a serious problem but on occasion can cause strength issues or a numbness in your hands or arms. If this occurs , seek professional care and advice.

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Neck Pain Is Extremely Common

According to Harvard University, 80% of us will experience neck pain at some point in our life, with between 10% and 20% deal with it regularly.

That’s a lot of people, and it can only reflect our modern lifestyle of commuting, work and sedentary leisure.

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Symptoms Of Neck Pain

  • Neck muscle tightness and spasm
  • Neck pain and fatigue
  • Decreased Head Mobility
  • Headache 
  • Tightness in your shoulders and upper back muscles.
  • Shoulder and arm/hands pins and needles
  • Pain radiating up your arm, even as far as your shoulder
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Neck pain causes


If you spend the majority of your day in a Bad Posture Position you will develop a painful Neck and Back problem. It’s really that simple. Work on your Posture to avoid Chronic Pain.


Repetitive or overuse, such as prolonged sitting slouched in front of your computer and other screens causes muscle strains. Too much time on the mobile phone (Text Neck) causes further neck muscle strains.


Trauma to the neck from falls, rear end car collisions often causing whiplash injury causing muscle, ligament and soft tissue injury to the neck.

Osteoarthritis (Wear and Tear to Joints)

All joints in the body begin to wear and tear with age. It is a natural process of aging. Slowly the cartilage between your vertebrae can wear down over the years.

Herniated Disc

Herniated discs or disc bulge is another result of Osteoarthritis. This can cause further pain and inflammation  in your neck and compress the nerves as they travel down into your shoulder, arms and hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Visit A Chiropractor For Neck Pain?

Absolutely Yes. Your Chiropractor can diagnose the issue and then advise the best course of action for treatment. Ask if it’s ok to perform some exercises at home yourself to help, under their guidance, to lessen the number of expensive appointments.

Does Neck Pain Get Worse?

Over time, and if left untreated, neck pain can certainly get worse. If you have a bad posture or sedentary lifestyle and work environment, this can be the cause of the original neck pain – and also the reason why it’s getting worse. Changing your lifestyle can often help greatly. Ask your doctor.

Will Heat Therapy Help My Neck Pain?

If your neck pain is acute, it might benefit more from cold-therapy. If it’s been around a while, and you’ve consulted with your medical professional to make sure it’s ok – you can apply heat therapy to a sore neck. It often can help as part of an overall strategy:

  • Heat Therapy
  • Massage
  • Movement
  • Stretch Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Cold Therapy
  • Bracing
How Can I Improve My Posture?

Improving your posture can often be a “mind over matter” thing. You can obtain an upper-back brace which can help your posture. You might also need to look at your desk, couch or driving position – anywhere you are spending long periods of time. Make sure your environment is ergonomic and not putting your body into a bad position!