“Neck Pain Is Terrible. It hurts so bad. I feel so tired. My shoulders are sore and even my headaches are getting worse…….”

Neck pain from work or your job treatment
Neck Pain Kit
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How a “Bad Posture Day” Causes Neck Pain

We get up, we commute to work sitting with bad posture. Then sit a minimum 8 hours a day exacerbating our bad posture.  Our commutes are spent sitting and then of course, we eat our meals sitting. To finish off, we watch TV for the evening while sitting. And we wonder why we have posture issues like neck pain, low back pain, shoulder stiffness and headaches?

Man and woman wearing the Pain Kit upper back support brace
A Posture Brace Is In The Kit

20 Years Of Neck Pain Treatment

I’ve been treating patients of all ages for this for 20 years. Neck pain, shoulder pain and headache are some of the most common complaints as a result of poor posture. As the world changes and more and more occupations are sedentary and office based.

When people are spending long periods of time hunched over computers and laptops increasing amount of patients are presenting with neck pain and other musculoskeletal disorders like Shoulder Pain, Headache, Back Pain, Hip Pain, Tennis Elbow, Golfer’s Elbow are increasingly common.

The reason is simple. BAD POSTURE.

Neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, tight muscles, wrist pain, elbow pain, low back pain, all stemming from bad posture!

What can you do to prevent Neck Pain?

You can spend huge sums of money on ergonomic chairs, tables, cushions, posture braces, posture apps, but like putting your finger in the dam, it will only  ever be temporary relief. It  may temporarily relieve symptoms but not address the root cause.

The best person to correct your posture and reduce your neck and shoulder pain is you!

Neck Pain Rehab Instruction & Understanding Booklet
Neck Pain - Information Booklet

Pretty Good Posture

Turn bad posture into good posture

This is a phrase we use to explain how Good Posture is also “Pretty”. What looks good, is usually good for you physically too! Work on your specific injuries with My Pain Kit, and also correct your bad posture for the best results!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can You Stop Neck Pain Without Drugs?

Acute neck pain usually requires some kind of painkiller, just for a while until the initial pain and swelling subsides. For chronic neck pain, it can build up more slowly over time – so to fix this, it’s a slow journey in the opposite direction. A healthy program of the following should help you manage the pain drug-free:

  • Wearing A Brace / Support
  • Heat Therapy
  • Massage
  • Movement
  • Stretch Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Cold Therapy
How Do I Correct My Posture?

If you have bad posture, you need to consciously work on it. While sitting, standing or walking – be aware of how you are standing, and straighten up as best you can. The bottom line with any physical therapy is that you need to:

  • Stretch Tight Muscles
  • Strengthen Weak Muscles

This ought to help your posture greatly, and lead to a better quality of life.

Does Fibromyalgia Cause Neck Pain?

Yes, it can cause pain in all parts of the body. If your job involves sitting at a desk for long periods of time, the pain could show up in your neck simply because your muscles are getting more tired, and tighter as the day goes on. Try to massage, move, stretch and strengthen your neck muscles and even use a combination of hot/cold packs to alleviate symptoms.

Is Neck Pain Caused By A Trapped Nerve?

Most likely not, although you should seek an examination by a doctor just to be sure. What people think is a trapped nerve in their neck, can be called “Wry Neck” which is a sudden acute pain in the neck, most often after a period of not moving – such as sleeping. This can be very painful for a while, until the movement and flexibility returns to your neck. Use heat therapy and some simple movement exercises to help.

Neck pain from work or your job treatment
Neck Pain Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99
Back Pain Remedy Pack
Back Pain Kit
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Beautiful posture for young people experiencing pain
Posture Kit
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