Neck pain from work or your job treatment
Neck Pain Kit
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Does “Text Neck” Really Exist?

Yes, it really exists! You could also call it “Posture Pain”.

We can call it lots of different names, but with everyone using smart-phones these days, there has been an explosion of neck pain – particularly in young people! Neck related injuries from repeatedly looking down at the phone are becoming more common, and I think ‘text neck’ is a reasonable term to call it.

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Using Your Phone Can Cause Neck Pain!

Hunching over this little screen for hours every day really adds up! But are we going to give up on our smartphones? Are we going to throw away our phones to decrease the serious conditions that poor posture related to text neck will lead to? Realistically I don’t think we will 🙁

You’ve probably been staring at your device for years and haven’t noticed any problems. That’s where this condition is important to understand.  Text-Neck has been linked to neck, shoulder pain, headaches and poor posture. It has also been linked with tennis elbow and low back pain, never mind the increased cardiovascular risks from a sedentary lifestyle. These symptoms can creep up on you slowly, but chances of a negative impact on your health increase as the weeks, months and years go by.

Neck Pain Rehab Instruction & Understanding Booklet
Neck Pain - Information Booklet
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Children Are At Risk For Text-Neck

Maybe the most alarming thing is how often we’ve seen this behaviour in kids and young adults with increasingly bad posture. This is the early stages that lead to long term musculoskeletal issues. Add in longer periods in front of computer consoles and tablets  will only add to the problems. Obesity in children and young adults is at all time highs which is leading to a perfect storm of poor health.

This sustained forward head posture can overstretch and strain the neck and shoulder muscles causing neck, shoulder pain, back pain and headaches.

If not corrected,text neck can lead to very poor posture causing  excessive wear and tear (Osteoarthritis) on your joints and muscles creating an environment for potential injuries.

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How To Resolve Neck Pain

This is the difficult part. How to limit children’s screen time is increasingly causing huge stress in households today. It does help when looking to distract and quieten down the kids but where is the line between too much that leads to future musculoskeletal and health problems and enough to keep the peace at home?

Teenagers are a whole other issue. These guys know nothing else. The majority have grown up on smartphones. Hour upon hour looking down, hunched over their phone. Their social life is on there. Facebook , snapchat, Instagram and Tik-Tok. These kids have anxiety and pressures that weren’t there before. All mainly from smartphone use. Both musculoskeletal and psychological.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Is Another Word For Text Neck?

Posture Pain is another phrase that describes it more accurately. It means staying in a position of bad posture for an extended period of time throughout the day, which then causes pain and stiffness in your back or neck. If you work on your posture, you won’t develop Text Neck.

Is Neck Pain Permanent?

Unless you have an underlying injury, or a chronic condition like osteoarthritis, neck pain doesn’t have to be permanent. You can work on your own recovery with a sensible program including:

  • Wearing A Brace / Support
  • Heat Therapy
  • Massage
  • Movement
  • Stretch Exercises
  • Strength Exercises
  • Cold Therapy
Is Neck Pain And Back Pain Linked?

Yes, very often neck and back pain are linked. If you look at posture – it can be a cause of both. Similarly, you can have osteoarthritis in both places at the same time. When it comes to recovery, what usually benefits back pain can also benefit neck pain – get yourself moving, exercising and stretching, and above all improve your posture!

Neck pain from work or your job treatment
Neck Pain Kit
£ 59.99
  • EUR: € 69.99
  • USD: $ 79.99
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